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Hmmm...why do they need that?

Posted by jntragesser on 2/2/2009 11:47:22 PM


Observed something weird today. I'm in everyone's favorite big box "Mart" store picking up some weed killer. I've only got one item, so I'm going to the express lane. Right behind these two fellas who have one item as well.

Now these two young fellas in line ahead of me struck me as a bit thuggish. Mid-twenties I would guess, and dressed appropriately for hanging out on a street corner, sucking from a paper-bag clad bottle. To quote a line from Samual L. Jackson, these two should have been wearing shirts that said "I steal shit."

Now I'm not one to judge a book by it's cover, but I have to honestly say they struck me in that particular way. And what lone item was on their shopping list? Why, it's just a great big 'ole bolt cutter. Yup, cheap bolt cutter, one each.

Their behaviour during the purchase was rather odd too, the way they were looking around, and running their hands over their head and avoiding eye contact. I've seen less anxious behaviour from guys buying a box of tampons.

Well, as it turns out, the pair they selected, didn't have a price tag, or UPC sticker. Even funnier, the cashier had no idea what the item was ("What is this thing called?"), to which thuggy #1 started hemming and hawwing with "I dunno...I guess they call it a....boltcutter...or something."

It seemed to take the hapless clerk *forever* to get the damn thing rung up. However, she was the only thing preventing the commencement of feloneous activities. Sadly, she figured it out and thuggy #1 and #2 sauntered on out of the store. Somebody's gonna be missing stuff tomorrow morning. Hope it ain't me.

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