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If you're interested in lower cost alternatives to big box store information technology services to set up and maintain your small business network, give me a chance to explain what I can do for your bottom line. Whether it's simple consultation for network design or assistance in procuring workstations, servers, routers and associated network hardware, you'll find this service professional and affordable. Tragworks also provides web design and publishing as well as consulting for some of the lowest cost web hosting and domain registration.

I also provide remote maintenance and server administration to keep your network secure and updated which drives down costs associated with frequent "on-site" visits. All your data backups, workstation and server maintenance, as well as desktop support issues can be addressed in this fashion leaving you with a small business network that "just works" freeing you to focus on your business instead of your office equipment. Contact me and find out what Tragworks Small Business Services can do for you.

Microsoft's Windows 10 hits the mark!

I've been pleased with Windows 10 as my faithful copy of Windows 7 Pro was upgraded through Microsoft's free Windows 10 upgrade program. I've worked with Windows 8 and personally passed on installing that OS on any of my owned systems. Microsoft could turn this into a learning experience by examining the people and the decisions that led them to the disasterous OS that is Windows 8. But one look at Windows 10's interface shows that Microsoft went back to glean what worked best about Windows 10 and move forward with great technology and features. Now, I'm stopping short of telling everyone to upgrade to Windows 10. If you're running Windows 10 and you've got a lot of old technology such as aging printers and scanners, the upgrade may not be as painless as you would like. I've always believed that you shouldn't fix what isn't broke. However, Microsoft is only offering this upgrade free for one (1) year; after that, it's an upgrade that you'll need to pay for.

While there are multitude of choices in workstation and server operating systems, including various distributions of Linux and Unix, Tragworks specializes in Microsoft environments for reasons that make sense for most small businesses in terms of capability and affordability:

  • Total Cost of Ownership - The low initial costs of open source operating systems appear attractive when compared to the initial purchase price of Microsoft's product lines. But open source options, frequently cost more on the backend in terms of time to configure and the ability to find and retain support staff with the expertise to keep these systems maintained and repaired. If you can afford the staff to configure and maintain these systems, then by all means, make whatever choice you feel is best for your business. But if you want a network environment that offers quick set up, ease of maintenance, and the ability to obtain support staff from anywhere; it's hard to beat the Microsoft product lines for small business. You can't throw a rock without hitting someone that supports Microsoft enviroinments. Tragworks believes Microsoft offers the best of capability and affordability for most small businesses.
  • Things that go wrong are quickly addressed with Microsoft Product lines - While highly trained Linux/Unix professionals could claim this as well, Microsoft's product lines have held such a commanding lead in market acceptance that you can literally take a windows error message, paste it in Google, and return a solution. Microsoft's products are so pervasive in the market, you're not likely to experience any issues that someone hasn't already experienced and addressed before. If it breaks, it's broken for someone else before and you're just a "google" search away from the solution. It really *is* that simple.
John N. Tragesser III

John Tragesser I'm currently employed as a programmer/analyst. My early career involved supporting desktops and local LAN issues. With a focus on web technlogies, I moved on to servers and developing web applications. I've been administering, developing, and supporting GIS desktop and server side applications since 2006.

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