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Don't run as Administrator!

02/07/2009 by jntragesser

New Tragworks

02/06/2009 by jntragesser

XBox Red Ring 'O' Death

02/02/2009 by jntragesser

.22 Conical Ball - The Nearly Silent .22 Rifle Round

02/02/2009 by jntragesser


02/02/2009 by jntragesser

Hmmm...why do they need that?

02/02/2009 by jntragesser

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Small Business Network & Residential IT Services

Affordable IT Services on Your Terms - Whether you're a small business or just trying to keep your family on-line, Tragworks can provide affordable alternatives to commercial "big box" on-site IT services. With 10 years of experience in PC hardware, software repair, network, and periphials, I guarentee you won't find this type of quality service at a lower price.

I can provide evening and weekend on-site calls within the vicinity of Ashland, Mechanicsville and Northern Richmond Virginia. I place a high value on making sure the customer knows what they need, and just as important, what they don't need. So whether you're installing a new PC, server, router, printer or variety of work and entertainment gear, my services will get you up and running with a price you can't beat.

I specialize in Microsoft products and software and PC platforms of any kind with limited service for laptops. (Sorry, I don't perform services for Apple, they're great platforms, but they're not my area of speciality.) If I can't fix your hardware, I can provide you with honest recommendations for replacements.

Affordable Web & Domain Registration Services - I also provide web design and web application development services for small businesses and individuals alike. Let my experience in professional web design help you establish and maintain your presence on the web. Along with designing your website, I can assist in domain registration and web hosting options. Contact me for more information on how Tragworks can assist you with your technology services needs.

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